On X3 News' web page you can find news, financial reports, corporate events and PR messages, published by the companies listed on BSE-Sofia. Additional services you can use are: personalization of the web site interface, custom criteria based search, notification of financial news by email and others.

X3 News has a number of different sections. The home page features latest press releases, reports, search functionality and financial calendar about the general meetings and dividend payments of public companies.

Requirements for using X3 News

X3 News is a web based service and does not require installation of additional software.

News releases

On X3 News' web page you can find news releases of the listed companies and other issuers of securities that had signed a contract with "Financial Market Service" LTD. News releases and messages, filed by our subscribers are being published instantly without editing at the moment they are released from the source.

News is published in the following format: company name, date and time of release, type of news and a short extract. To see the whole text you should click on the "Full article" link.

You can find complete archive of all news published in the News section.

Financial reports

On X3 News' web page you can find a number of different reports: quarterly reports and annual reports. They are being published in the order they are released from their source. You can open each report by clicking on its description. Each report opens in a different which also contains links to the attached files.

Financial calendar

In the "Financial Calendar" you can find information on shareholders' meetings and dividend distribution about listed companies and other issuers of securities.

Search function

The Search function helps you use the X3 News archive. You can search by company; as of a certain date or for a period.


In X3 News you can find profiles of the listed companies and other issuers of securities that use the information product. Profiles are updated upon companies’ notifications.

Subscription services

All press releases published on X3 News are available not only on the web page, but also by e-mail. By clicking the "My!X3 News" button, you can set up your own account, which is free of charge. In this section you may specify which companies you wish to receive press releases from.

To use the subscription services you have to register choosing a username and a password.

Member login

If you already have an account, click the "Log in" button. Enter your username and password and press "Login". If you can't find your username and / or password, please contact the Webmaster.

Update your companies list

To update your companies list, you must be logged in. This will bring you to the section giving you an overview of your currently selected companies and/or lists. Select the companies you require to follow by highlighting the appropriate name in the upper box, then click "Select" to make it appear in the bottom box.

To remove a company from your selection, highlight it in the bottom box and then click "Remove". When you have made all the desired changes to your portfolio, press "Confirm changes" button.

To see all the news published on the web site you can turn off the filter you have specified by pressing the "filter off" button or you can log off.

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